Helpful Tools

Relocating can be an overwhelming experience. Our Program Manager has compiled several checklists to help you make sense of the process, whether it's your first move or your hundredth!

The intent is to provide helpful suggestions to make your transition as smooth and stress free as possible. Save the worksheets to your computer and tailor them to your needs.  

For more information on using these tools, and relocation assistance in general, please contact Robin Rogers at 269-961-4051 or at


List of Relocation Tools:

Apartment Checklist

Box, Suitcase and Packing Checklist

Home Services Checklist

House Hunting Checklist

Income Expense Checklist

Items Movers won't Pack Checklist

Moving Checklists

Moving Expense Worksheet

Moving Inventory Checklist

Needs Assessment Checklist

Sponsor Checklist

Helpful Tools
Helpful Tools
Helpful Tools
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